Choosing the right option for you

At the core of our birth plan is always Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

More About Us

We are a group of Family Physicians belonging to the Division of Maternal and Newborn Care at the Ottawa Hospital. We work at both the General and Civic Campuses.

Together we train the Family Medicine residents in the University of Ottawa Family medicine residency program. We are actively involved in a wide variety of initiatives, from program development and hospital work to research and social activism. We have traditional Family Practices as well and certainly wear many hats. And we love it!

We welcome your family as you define it, as does the Ottawa Hospital. Feel free to ask us more about this as we are inclusive and open to all.

We provide Vaginal Births after Caesarian (VBAC).

We are closely connected with the Monarch Centre, a provincially recognized and cutting edge clinic for early post hospital follow up. The Monarch Centre was started by one of our members, Dr David Millar, and is staffed by several of our group as well as lactation consultants. Through the Monarch centre we can facilitate discharges home as early as 6 hours post delivery if you want and if medically appropriate, with close follow up the next day.

The Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital is a great place to have your baby. It provides a high level of care while at the same time supporting normal labour and delivery. We work closely with our excellent nursing colleagues there, as well as in house specialists in obstetrics, pediatrics and anesthesia if needed.